Crew Flyboard Instructor Training:

With the increase of water jet related equipment aboard Superyachts there has been growing concerns within the Industry about the overall safety.

The course structure has been developed with a strong focus on health and safety and should give Superyacht crew the knowledge they need to safely operate and maintain the kit. Further consultation can also be provided on the development of the operations manual surrounding this activity should it be required.

As there is currently no governing body over the activity of Flyboarding or jetpack related activities, the course below has been designed as the 'a code of best practice' when using the kit. Captains and Yacht Management companies can therefore show that they have applied a duty of care by undertaking some training in relation to the equipment instead of simply purchasing it and putting it straight into action.

In terms of the Training; the aim is to deliver a course to a minimum of 2, maximum 4 crew; ideally these people will already be qualified PWC users and preferably RYA PWC instructors as this can be run as as a conversion of their existing skills and knowledge on the water.

In terms of the Installation of the board; it is helpful to have an engineer or the crew member who deals with the maintenance of the PWCs to attend the morning session as the Flyboard requires someone to remove the part of the PWC Pump which requires a bit of technical knowledge. 

What's involved?


1 - 2 days (dependant on crew experience and participant numbers)

* A suitable location will be required for Modules 4 & 5

Example course content:

  • Module 1 (Onboard) - Correct assembly, maintenance, connection to PWC, run through different methods of reaching operating area if in a tidal situation
  • Module 2 (Onboard) – Safe Operating Areas (both Tidal and non/tidal), safety management within operating area and adhering to operations manual
  • Module 3 (Onboard) – Kit familiarisation and safety check Before Each Session including both Flyboard and Personal equipment
  • Module 4 (Onboard & Afloat) - Teaching the basic techniques of Flyboarding to course members, hopefully establishing a competent level of riding within session.
  • Module 5 (Onboard & Afloat) – Teaching the Basic Techniques of safely operating the Flyboard as the Instructor from the PWC 

What's included in the fee?

Crew Instructor Training run by an experienced Flyboard instructor Trainer, Ross Ceaton

Instructor Training specific to your kit & the needs of your Yacht, Owner and Guests

What's Excluded?

Trainer Travel Days 


Trainer Travel Expenses (Flights / Airport Transfers)


Trainer Accommodation whilst on location


Professional Service also available including:

  • Assisting in the purchase and delivery of a Flyboard
  • Installation & removal of the Flyboard onto the PWC and demonstration to the crew
  • Operators training for safe Flyboard usage for Charter guests
  • Help with the writing of Flyboard operational procedures and Risk assessments

Your course Trainer, Ross Ceaton:

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