STCW Modules (run every month, U.K.):

  • 5-day course  including the below, or by module:
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention
  • Personal Survival Techniques

Add ons: 

  • Proficiency in Security Awareness
  • Advanced Fire Fighting

5-day Combined Course Dates:


  • 4th September
  • 16th October
  • 6th November
  • 11th December


  • 15th January
  • 12th February
  • 5th March
  • 19th March

STCW Update Training:

Following the Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention (STCW 2010) as of January 2017 anyone serving onboard ship and are qualified in any of the following, you must, as of the 1st January 2017, have completed STCW Update Training within the last 5 years;

  • Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (PST) STCW A-VI/1-1, (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: Basic Sea Survival);
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats (PSC & RB), STCW A-VI/2-1 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: Proficiency in Survival Craft or Lifeboatman’s Certificate);
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (PFRB) STCW A-VI/2-2;
  • Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FP & FF), STCW A-VI/1-2 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: MNTB 2 Day Fire Fighting Course);
  • (Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) STCW A-VI/3 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: MNTB 4 Day Fire Fighting Course).

If the issue date of your qualification is prior to January 2012 you are required to have updated this qualification before 1st January 2017.

Full details regarding the STCW update training can be found in MSN 1865.

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