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Reasons why:

PYA Sea changes seminar (2014)

Also on the agenda was a catch up on the RYA Personal Watercraft Safety Course, which was designed specifically to provide some basic training for the operation of personal watercraft. “Yachts can be confident that their guests are going to be relatively safe because they have had some form of training before they are let loose on these high speed machines,” explained Falk. “There are now about 280 superyachts around the world that are RYA recognised training centres for PWC. This framework is now widely accepted by port authorities and insurers as effective at mitigating risk.” - Richard Falk, RYA


RYA PWC Training centre recognition is the way forward

The RYA PWC training centre recognition is the way to go. You run a documented operation giving training following guidlines set out by the RYA. You will need an RYA certified PWC instructor(crew member) onboard who will carry out the training course (minimum of 1 hour). The same crew member can be the "centre principle" and see that the organisation and record keeping is kept upto date.Once the training is complete you issue a very official looking licence (simular to the new Power Boat II tickets). For charter clients issue it for the length of the charter. For owners/regular clients issue a 6 month or seasonal ticket - giving and documenting a refresher course each visit. The licence is only valid for use of the yachts jet ski's. 1 instructor can train a max of 2 people per PWC upto a max of 3 Pwc's/6 people at any 1 time. PWC users must be licensed in the Med. The Captain of the yacht will be held ultimatly responsible for any action taken by the PWC user (possibly even with a licence) although good due diligence and safety practices in place will help you in the event of any incident! I have been running with this system since 2010 and find that the guests appreciate the safety aspect and enjoy the training. Its much more fun than just blasting up and down past the yacht for 10 mins. The inspection is straight forward providing you have the correct safety equipment, operational system in place etc etc. Best of luck, Jonathan - Captain, M/Y Firecracker (The Crew Report, May 2013)