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With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of the PWC (jetski) market including training, inspections, management, safety, purchase, model design and rescue, the move into the Superyacht market in 2008 was an easy one. Our staff are some of the most experienced in this niche sector; as a result, our advice has been sought and trusted by Captains and Chief officers worldwide from both motor and sailing yachts of all sizes.

Free Advice and Information

Our philosophy is to share ideas and information, not keep them a secret! If something works, let's tell people about it! It is remarkable how many people find a great idea but don't share it and so often we get asked and are able to suggest simple yet effective solutions based on years of experience and viewing numerous onboard set ups. There's plenty of free information on this website from Jetski regulations, a variety of jetski lifting and docking systems, how to prepare for your RYA inspection and more. 


STCW PSA or PDSD are mandatory security requirements are for all seafarers on ISPS compliant vessels (on Superyacht's this means commercial Yacht's over 500 GT – which is usually 50m and over). 

  • PSA is required by every crew member
  • PDSD is for those who do have security duties as outlined in the Ship’s Security Plan. 

If you're looking to move up and forward you may wish to consider completing the PDSD from the outset to save repeating content as the PDSD includes all the content within the PSA course.. 


STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness ONLINE - £95 + VAT  - MORE INFO

STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties ONLINE - £195 + VAT - MORE INFO

Regulations for Flyboarding & Aquatic Activities

It has been brought to our attention that there is more legislation around the use of flyboards etc then we thought within the Med, this includes other aquatic activities (Seabobs etc). 

A few of our clients have recently been stopped by the Guardia during flyboard activities and been informed that they must fly the Alpha (dive) flag whilst these activities are taking place. Currently we cannot find any 'written' legislation on this matter but there definitely seems to be a theme at the moment and the message is the same regarding the flag. However, how the flag should be displayed in currently under some dispute, though more than one Yacht has been told to fly it on a pole from the back of the PWC (jetski).. and tender whilst Seabobs are being used in the area.

Reading into the laws it says, “measures should be taken for all round visibility” – with regards to location it’s a worldwide practice.

 Worth looking into before you next use your Flyboard, Seabobs etc.. 


If anyone has further information (preferably written or a link the relevant website) please do comment below.. 

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Lifejacket lights required on Buoyancy aids in France!

Reports have come in from some Yachts that have been stopped by the Gendarmerie Maritime for not having lights on the buoyancy aids used by their PWC guests.. 


The 'rough translation' of this new rule is: 

The users must wear a 50N buoyancy aid with a water activated light with a battery life of a minimum of 6 hours. (regulation issued in 2012)


Buy your buoyancy aid compatible lights now by clicking here


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The risk of internal injuries to PWC users...

Some serious considerations for your guests using the PWCs onboard...should you make wearing a wetsuit or neoprene shorts compulsory?



Jetski laws in France - a reminder..

‼️A reminder: Captains are liable for any breaches of the law regarding operations of tenders and toys in France, such as going over speed limits or general reckless behavior. This means that not only crew, but owners and guests also come under the captain’s responsibility. If any of these parties break the rules, the yacht’s captain can be prosecuted and may receive a fine of up to €30,000, a ban from French territories for at least a year and up to six months’ imprisonment.‼️